(Night Vision Imaging System)

Operation Desert Storm and CNN's coverage of the Gulf War provided the world with an insight into the high-tech world of night vision.

When pilots are using night vision goggles, it is essential that there be a suppression of infra-red energy in the cockpit. Phaostron designs instrument panels that provide necessary illumination while eliminating excess infra-red energy, thus removing it from the environment in which night-vision goggles are used.

Phaostron is considered the leader in the field of Night Vision Goggle Compatible lighting. We have developed complete lighting systems which comply with requirements for NVIS.

Our NVG products are certified to control IR light levels with no blinding infra-red hot spots. Our testing facility utilizes the Photo Research Spectro-radiometer 1980 C/NVG to meet requirements of Mil-L-85762.

We are one of the few manufacturers in the world with this capability. Additionally, our test lab measures and analyzes contrast, luminescence and spectral radiance.


Huey II Retrofit

Phaostron has joined with Bell Helicopter in a complete instrumentation retrofit program of the Huey II UH1.

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